Scrapbook: Mulan Jr.

This page is a scrapbook for work on the 
March 2017 production of Mulan Jr.:
O'Maley Academy's Drama Club 
& Costume/Props Design Club

photos courtesy of Martin DelVecchio of all 3 casts in performance

Mulan Jr in performance (above) 

Dress rehearsals! Beautiful costumes made by Costume Designer Linda Stockman, Art Director Mary Sullivan and their Costume/Props Crew

1/9/17: We've been busy since our last posts! Here we are rehearsing the show in the Commons while blocking the last of the show continues in the auditorium :)

11/16/16: College & Career Guest Speaker: Gloucester Stage's Heidi Dallin speaks to students

11/14 & 11/16: learn singing: Honor To Us All & Finale; choreography: review all

11/7 & 11/9: learn singing: Honor To Us All & Finale; choreography: I'll Make A Man (review) & A Girl Worth Fighting For

Time for a little improv :)

10/31 & 11/2: learn singing for A Girl Worth Fighting For, learn choreography for I'll Make a Man Out Of You & review previously taught numbers Keep 'Em Guessing and Written in Stone (Parts 1-3)

10/24 & 10/26: learn singing for I'll Make a Man Out Of You & review/keep learning choreography for Keep 'Em Guessing (today was school spirit week pajama day :)

10/17 & 10/19: learn singing & choreography for Keep 'Em Guessing

10/12: review singing/choreography: Written in Stone Parts 2 & 3; learn Written in Stone Part 1

10/3 & 10/5: we started learning singing and choreography for Written in Stone Parts 2 & 3

9/30: cast list was posted at end of day

9/26 & 9/28: students auditioned

9/12, 9/14, 9/19 & 9/21: 
students went over casting information and attended various audition workshops

Mulan Jr. Synopsis (from MTI)

The Fa Family Ancestors take us back to ancient China, where Mulan's big day to meet the village Matchmaker has arrived ("Written in Stone" sung by: Ancestors and Ensemble/Chorus as Fathers, Mothers, sons and daughters). Mulan's father, Fa Zhou, prays to the family ancestors ("Honor to Us All– Part 1" sung by: Fa Zhou and Ancestors) to no avail. A nervous Mulan wrecks her betrothal ceremony, dishonoring the family ("Honor to Us All – Part 2" sung by Dressmakers, Hairdressers, Groomers, Mulan and a little bit by Grandma Fa) and the ancestors watch it happen (“Honor to Us All–Reprise” sung by Ancestors. Mulan’s mistakes make her feel terrible ("Reflection" sung by Mulan). Fa Zhou is unexpectedly called to the army by Chi Fu, the Emperor's councilor, having no son to join for him. Against her feeble father's command, Mulan steals Fa Zhou's helmet and sword, dresses as a boy, and runs away from home to go in his place ("Written in Stone – Reprise" sung by Ancestors and Mulan). The Ancestors have no choice but to send the misfit dragon, Mushu, to stop Mulan, who will be killed if she is discovered ("Honor to Us All – Reprise" sung by Mushu).

As Shan-Yu and the Huns prepare to attack China, Mushu helps Mulan act like a soldier ("Keep 'Em Guessing" sung by Mushu and Ensemble/Chorus as neutral singers/dancers). Mulan introduces herself as "Ping" and joins the Guys – Yao, Ling and Qian-Po – to endure Captain Shang's grueling training ("I'll Make a Man Out of You/Lesson No. 1"-- sung by Shang, with a few solo lines sung by Qian-Po, Yao, Ling, Mushu and Mulan, along with the Ensemble/Chorus as soldiers). The Chinese Soldiers march to defend a mountain village from Shan-Yu ("A Girl Worth Fighting For" sung by The Ensemble/Chorus as soldiers with solo lines sung by Qian-Po, Yao, Ling, Mulan,Chi-Fu, Shang), but arrive too late. While the soldiers grieve ("A Girl Worth Fighting For – Reprise" sung by Mulan and The Ensemble/Chorus of soldiers), the Huns attack. Mulan creates noise to trigger an avalanche, which covers the Huns and saves the Soldiers from destruction. Shang honors Ping, only to discover Mulan beneath the helmet. He spares Mulan's life for saving his, but leaves her behind ("Written in Stone/Reflection – Reprise" sung by Ancestors and Mulan).

Suddenly, Shan-Yu and the Huns emerge from the avalanche and race toward the Imperial City. Mulan runs ahead to warn Shang ("Written in Stone – Reprise" sung by Mulan). At the Emperor's Palace, the Chinese people celebrate the defeat of the Huns. While Shang ignores Mulan, Shan-Yu surprises and kidnaps the Emperor. Mulan convinces Shang and the Guys to dress as women to distract Shan-Yu while Mushu signals the army ("Keep 'Em Guessin' – Reprise" sung by Mulan, Shang, Qian-Po, Yao, Ling). The Guys save the Emperor, Mulan defeats Shan-Yu and the Huns retreat. The Emperor honors Mulan's bravery, to everyone's surprise and delight ("A Girl Worth Fighting For – Reprise" sung by The Emperor, Qian-Po, Yao, Ling and TheEnsemble/Chorus as  soldiers). Back at home, Fa Zhou welcomes his beloved – and honorable – daughter. Shang surprises Mulan with a visit as a suitor instead of a captain. The Ancestors invite Mushu into the Fa Family Temple as a full-fledged Guardian ("Honor to Us All – Finale” sung by Ancestors and The Ensemble/Chorus, "Keep 'Em Guessin' – Bows").