Scrapbook: Lion King Jr.

2015-2016 production of Disney's The Lion King Jr. in rehearsal:


Principal Dancers show cast mates new choreography
Principal Dancers show cast mates new choreography
Principal Dancers show cast mates new choreography
Principal Dancers show cast mates new choreography
Principal Dancers listening to feedback from Co-Director/Choreographer Carol Earle
Principal Dancers (gazelles, birds, giraffes) learning choreography
Principal Dancers (giraffes!) learning choreography
Principal Dancers (zebras!) posing in character
Principal Dancers (birds and gazelles!) learning choreography
Co-Director/Choreographer Carol Earle working with Principal Dancers
Principal Dancers waiting for instruction
Principal Dancers listening to Co-Director/Choreographer Carol Earle
Principal Dancer group photo

Meanwhile, with Co-Director/Curriculum Director Ms. Crowley...
Lencho declares their teamwork and pride!
Kasar declares their teamwork and pride!
Haidar declares their teamwork and pride!


Rafikis from all 3 Casts rehearse with Co-Director/Co-Musical Director Lauren Horne

Assistant Director Madison Dempsey teaching groups their moves

A pause learning choreography to... strike a pose!

Ready for their close up!

Everybody say "Drama Club!"

Special Guest Alumni Rachael Corrao & Sadie Cook
(and Assistant Director Madison Dempsey)

Our fabulous elephant puppeteers help out by running music for a while
(wait til you see them in costume for this number!)

In the gym, practicing choreography that will happen in aisles and pit

Then, we put all groups together in the auditorium to run ALL choreography
for Circle of Life

Co-Director/Choreographer Carol Earle says "Great work, you guys! It looks terrific!"

Half of everybody squeezes in for a photo

The other half of everybody squeezes in for a photo

Awesome day's work, everybody -- see you next week! Thanks everyone!

A glimpse of Co-Musical Directors Ms. Luzitano & Ms. Horne teaching singing

A quick look at part of putting the singing and dancing together

 Our 3 awesome djembe drummers!
 Rafikis and Drummers
 Principal Dancers hard at work!
 Sounds and looks amazing!
 Excellent work, everybody!
 An action shot from the other side...
 ...and another...
...and another!

Great shot of Kasar Cast Rafiki, Ms. Horne!
Wonderful moments captured by Ms. Horne!
Look at that form and poise!
Look at that focus!
Great work, you guys!

Co-Director/Co-Musical Director Lauren Horne & Assistant Director Madison Dempsey
teaching singing parts of a new song
Hi! You guys sound great!
Co-Director/Co-Musical Director Lauren Horne in action teaching parts to a new song
Co-Director/Curriculum Director Ms. Crowley and Assistant Director Madison Dempsey
lead students in some improv after we sang for a bit, then learned the different parts of the stage
You guys are such a great audience for each other!
Critical thinking!
Communication & collaboration!
"Stop taking pictures, Ms. Sellers, we're trying to focus here!" :)
Meanwhile in the green room...
... learning solos in a song...
with Co-Director/Co-Musical Director Lauren Horne!
Meanwhile in Ms. Sellers' room...
Co-Director/Choreographer Ms. Earle is teaching Principal Dancers choreography to a new number
Looks great, you guys!

Co-Director/Choreographer Ms. Earle clarifying some steps

This is awesome!

And some fantastic shots taken by Co-Director/Co-Musical Director Lauren Horne this week below...

* Today was O'Maley Pajama Day, so you might see some interesting looking "costumes" :)

The pictures below were taken during our improv session today
(right after we sang and danced, and right before we sang and danced some more!)

These pictures below were taken during notes given on our full cast singing/dancing work on
"Just Can't Wait To Be King" (we've learned our parts up until the end of the dance break :)

And these action shots below were taken at various points of rehearsal today
by Co-Director/Co-Musical Director Lauren Horne


Today was a special event day! O'Maley Academy Drama Club and O'Maley Academy Backyard Growers collaborated on a Food Corps "Apple Crunch" Food Day video. Special thank you to Gloucester Stage Youth Workshop Director Heidi Dallin and Gloucester Stage Apprentices Avery Daniels, Lucas Baisch, and Jenna Worden who helped direct students in the video , and to Martin DelVecchio, who filmed and will edit the video. O'Maley Academy Administrator Amanda LaMantia oversaw the production which was organized by Meghan Stratton of Backyard Growers. We also thank the Gloucester Stage professionals for providing valuable feedback and inspiration to students, who showed them their work thus far on Disney's The Lion King Jr. Great work, everyone!

The following photos/videos were taken by Drama Club Co-Directors Sharon Crowley and Lauren Horne:

Watch me crunch
Watch me crunch, crunch
Apple crunch time!
Back up food dancers
Watch me crunch
Apple crunch!
This spells "APPLE" (back row) and "CRUNCH" (front row)
Cool, huh?
The making of the letter 'C'
Spelling out...
...FOOD DAY (standing up)...
...and on the ground...

The view from Mr. DelVecchio's drone camera--very cool!

And some more photos taken by Co-Director/Co-Musical Director Lauren Horne:

In the second part of rehearsal today, Co-Director/Curriculum Director Ms. Crowley worked with the Principal Dancers and the Chorus on Theatre terminology/essential vocabulary (Ms. Sellers is sorry she didn't make it to your rehearsal room today to take photos, guys--next time!). Meanwhile, Co-Directors Ms. Lauren Horne and Ms. Sellers did a partial script reading with Leads in all 3 Casts simultaneously. While all of this was going on, Co-Musical Director Ms. Luzitano pulled students to have them sing for her in small groups. Our Musical Consultant Gregg Luzitano was also here today to work his musical magic!

Co-Director/Co-Musical Director Lauren Horne reading stage directions
Young Nalas
Young Simbas
Older Simbas
Rafiki all alone, waiting for Rafiki friends (off singing with M.Luzitano) to join her...
Mufasas (another was absent today)
Sarafinas (another was at a dance class:)
Older Nala all alone, waiting for her Older Nala friends (off singing with Ms. Luzitano) to join her...
 Shenzis (another was at a dance class :)

Supporting Director Ms. Parisi took these photos below of the first part of our rehearsal
when we reviewed Circle of Life and I Just Can't Wait To Be King-- thanks, Ms. Parisi :) 

These numbers are sounding and looking really good -- 
Co-Director/Choreographer Ms. Earle will be so proud when she returns next week!

 Love it!

Thanks for leading the pit performers in their moves, Kate...
...and Angie!

Another awesome rehearsal! You guys are SO talented!!!! Today we focused on facial expressions and facing the audience as we ran through Circle of Life and I Just Can't Wait To Be King (up until the dance break). We reviewed parts of the stage. We explored lyrics through improvisation. We explored changing acting styles through improvisation, too. Musical Consultant Gregg Luzitano worked with everyone on singing components of Circle of Life with Co-Musical Director Mrs. Luzitano. We started singing Hakuna Matata. 

Next week, Ms. Earle will be back :) We'll finish learning singing and choreography for the END of I Just Can't Wait To Be King, and continue learning singing of Hakuna Matata. We'll also hopefully finish reading the rest of the script and continue the curriculum experience with Co-Director/Curriculum Director Ms. Crowley. Keep up the terrific work, everybody-- you are wonderful!!! As Assistant Director Madison Dempsey said today, she comes here to support you every week because she loves being with you guys and she believes in you and in all of your hard work and talent!

These photos were taken by Co-Director/Curriculum Director Ms. Crowley--thank you :)

Turn and talk/share how you feel about your performance.
What's one thing you feel you're doing well? What's one thing you feel you could improve upon?
 Responding to Co-Directors' questions/check-ins
 Lyrics Improvisation
Lyrics Improvisation
 Lyrics Improvisation 
 Watching each other do Improvisation (you are such a great audience for each other!)
 Lyrics Improvisation
Thanks again, Mr. Luzitano!

These photos were taken by Co-Director/Co-Musical Director Lauren Horne--thank you :)

Today, we reviewed Circle of Life with Mr. & Mrs. Luzitano's musical touches added in :) We also finished choreography (almost, just a few finishing touches left) on I Just Can't Wait To Be King.  Co-Director/Choreographer Ms. Earle was so proud of you guys and very impressed with all of your hard work! We learned singing parts for Hakuna Matata with Co-Musical Directors Ms. Luzitano & Lauren Horne. We also made time for some 2-person improv! Whew-- do we get a ton of stuff done in 2 hours or what?!? Next week, we'll learn choreography for Hakuna Matata and Ms. Luzitano &  Ms. Horne will work with Timones and Pumbaas on their solo parts. Really great work, everybody! 

These photos below were taken by Co-Director/Production Manager Ms. Sellers, Co-Director /Curriculum Director Ms. Crowley and Co-Director/Co-Musical Director Lauren Horne-- thank you to everyone for all of your dedication and hard work! The Drama Club is so lucky to have such amazingly talented students :) 


AND BELOW... A SPECIAL SNEAK PEEK AT WHAT MS. SULLIVAN & MRS. STOCKMAN & THEIR STUDENTS in O'Maley Academy's 'Lion King Jr. Costumes, Props & Sets Club' have been working on-- how cool is all of this!?!
Thanks for taking these awesome shots, Ms. Crowley :)

 Hi Mrs. Stockman!! This is awesome!!!!

Hey-- that's Assistant Instructor Cara Stockman in the background!
Great work, you guys-- your work is amazing!!!

Today's rehearsal was all about Hakuna Matata! Co-Musical Directors Ms. Luzitano and Ms. Lauren Horne taught the singing parts to Timones, Pumbaas, Simbas (Younger and Older) and Ensemble Groups 1 and 2. Co-Director/Choreographer Carol Earle and Assistant Director Ts Burnham taught Hakuna Matata choreography--and they also choreographed the lift of Simba at the end of I Just Can't Wait To Be King. Co-Director/Curriculum Director Ms. Crowley took these awesome pictures from today's rehearsal. You guys all did an awesome job--as usual! See you Wednesday!

And these photos below were taken by Co-Director/Co-Musical Director Lauren Horne :)

What a way to end the Fall Session! Today, you guys worked SO hard and we appreciate your focus and talents more than we can say! Our day started off with some improv-- you are so creative and so good at coming up with stuff on-the-spot--and you are such a great audience for each other! Great job on Hakuna Matata choreography (finished it), the lift sequence/entire Can't Wait To Be King number and Circle of Life. Co-Director/Choreographer Ms. Earle was very proud of you! Everything looks amazing and you guys sound great! Our next class is on Monday, December 7th (same time--2:00-4:15 on Mondays and Wednesdays) and will go all the way up until the shows in March!

Please remember your homework: listening to your songs like Co-Musical Director Ms. Luzitano mentioned and reviewing everything you've learned so far on all Mondays and Wednesdays like Co-Director/Choreographer Ms. Earle was talking about today. Keep practicing until we see you again! Thanks for being so awesome and insanely talented! And thanks to Assistant Directors Ts Burnham and Madison Dempsey-- you guys rock!

The photos below were taken by Co-Director/Co-Musical Director (and really talented photographer) Lauren Horne today-- she also printed out terrific pictures of you guys and made that beautiful display on the bulletin board outside the auditorium. Also posted there are the signs with all of your signatures that each cast made with Co-Director/Curriculum Director Ms. Crowley:)

The Lion King Jr. Production Team had a meeting today. Co-Director/Curriculum Director Ms. Crowley took this shot to give you guys a special sneak peek at the Lioness costume (in progress, still needs some finishing touches) designed by Costume Designer Linda Stockman (modeled by Cara Stockman :). The Lion King Set/Props/Costume Club students are hard at work every week with Mrs. Stockman, Ms. Sullivan and Cara Stockman. Can't wait to see more of their fabulous creations! 

More news: Co-Director/Co-Musical Director Lauren Horne is also taking on the role of Set Decorator and will be consulting with Ms. Sullivan, the show's Art Director! 

All of the Co-Directors are so excited to see you guys again at rehearsals starting this Monday, December 7. You are so talented!!! This show is going to be spectacular!!!!

Today's rehearsal was AWESOME!! Co-Musical Director Ms. Luzitano (assisted by Co-Director/Co-Musical Director Lauren Horne) taught all 3 versions of He/They Live in You and she was extremely impressed with all of your hard work AND that you learned all of it in just one rehearsal. Great job, everybody! On Wednesday Ms. Luzitano and Ms. Horne will continue reviewing what was taught today; they will also try to start working with leads on their solos in Hakuna Matata (Timon & Pumbaa) and Live in You (Mufasa) while the rest of the cast (minus the dancers) works on other things. 

Meanwhile, Co-Director/Choreographer Ms. Earle taught a series of numbers to the Principal Dancers today and it looked fantastic. You'll continue the work you started with Ms. Earle today on Wednesday. 

Again, it is so impressive that you guys are so focused and getting so much hard work done at these rehearsals. OUR RUN-THROUGHS OF THE SHOW START IN FEBRUARY SO THAT MEANS WE ONLY HAVE DECEMBER AND JANUARY TO LEARN EVERYTHING!! If you guys keep doing what you're doing, we'll be more than ready on time! 

Co-Director/Curriculum Director Ms. Crowley took these photos below during today's rehearsal-- great shots of you guys in action! See you all on Wednesday--terrific work today!

Today you reviewed the three They/He Lives in You numbers after Co Musical Director Ms. Luzitano (assisted by Co-Director/Co-Musical Director Lauren Horne) placed you all on stage. It looked and sounded really wonderful! Mufasas and Rafikis worked with Ms. Luzitano on their solo parts in these songs while Timons and Pumbaas worked with Lauren Horne on their solos--you sound great! The dancers worked with Co-Director/Choreographer Ms. Earle on the stage today, continuing to learn their choreography to several new numbers, and the results were terrific. Assistant Director Madison Dempsey, Supporting Director Ms. Parisi, and Co-Director/Curriculum Director Ms. Crowley ran an improvisation session with students and it was fantastic fun! Here are a few photos from Ms. Crowley and Ms. Horne--enjoy!

Today Chorus, Drummers, and Principal Dancers worked with Co-Director/Curriculum Director Ms. Crowley on The Lion King Experience. While that was happening, Co-Director/Choreographer Ms. Earle, Co-Director/Musical Director Lauren Horne and Co-Director/Production Manager Ms. Sellers were in the library with the 3 casts of leads highlighting info and doing read throughs. Ms. Horne also worked individually with Young Simbas and Timon and Pumbaas on their solos. On Wednesday we'll continue on with the work we did today. Ms. Earle would like to work with all Principal Dancers during the second hour of rehearsal on Wednesday. Photos of work in the library by Ms. Horne and photos in Ms. Sellers' room by Ms. Crowley-- enjoy!

Great work today, everyone! Have a wonderful and well deserved holiday break! Remember to PLEASE review your songs and dances and leads MUST have all their lines (and the line BEFORE each of their lines) memorized by January 4th rehearsal. We will be blocking the whole show very quickly so having these memorized is very important!!! You are all so smart and talented-- what a terrific show you are creating! Ms. Sellers took these photos at today's rehearsal-- enjoy!

 Choreography with Ms. Burnham in the Commons!

Script work in the library

Lion King Experience Curriculum work with Ms. Crowley

Pictures taken by Co-Director/Co-Musical Director Lauren Horne:

Great work today, everyone! Lots of photos to enjoy!!

Be sure to see the new shots added to last week above :) Great rehearsal today! What did we do? We: reviewed all numbers we've learned so far; learned Bows sequence; learned Choreography for Be Prepared; reviewed singing for Can you Feel The Love Tonight; played Theatre Games. ON WEDNESDAY: All Leads will block Act 1 with Ms. Sellers & Ms. Horne; dancers will learn Shadowlands (with Ms. Earle) and soloists will sing this number (with Ms. Horne); Ms. Luzitano will work with 4 soloists; Ms. Crowley will work on curriculum and play theatre games and improv with the Chorus. We had GREAT attendance today-- it's important to also be there on Wednesday! REMINDER: Everyone should be gathering the items they need for their base layer! Here are some photos from today taken by the directors (more will come in next few days)-- enjoy!

Below are some more glimpses of the AWESOME work done by 
Ms. Sullivan, Mrs. Stockman, Cara Stockman
& the fabulous Lion King Jr. Costume/Props/Set Making Crew
(these are great shots, Ms. Crowley--thank you!)

Terrific work today! We blocked a lot of Act 1 (will continue blocking Act 1 next Wednesday, as well as review blocking learned today). Soloists got voice work done. The Mourning choreography was taught. The Lion King Experience curriculum was explored (see Ms. Crowley's photos below). You are all doing such an amazing job and you are so talented; we are so proud of you and you should be so proud of yourselves! Can't wait for next Wednesday-- have a great long weekend, everyone! 

Terrific work today! We blocked the rest of Act 1, learned Shadowland choreography and continued work on The Lion King Experience curriculum (and played some Theatre Games, too!). Next week, we have to finish reviewing Act 1 blocking and then learn blocking for Act 2. After next week, we'll all be together running through the whole show together! Here are some photos taken by Ms. Crowley, who was working with Assistant Director Madison Dempsey - enjoy!

JANUARY 25 & 27, 2016 UPDATE:
Awesome work this week! Leads finished blocking Act 2 and Chorus and dancers reviewed musical numbers and experimented with our new tea lights! Next week, we put it all together: Chorus, dancers, and leads all rehearse all of the show together from now on and add in costume elements. We'll run Act 1 (Lencho, Kasar, Haidar), then run Act 2 and add in sound cues. Tech Crew starts coming to rehearsals in February! It's so exciting to see all of your talent and hard work come together! We are so proud of you and you should be so proud of yourselves! REMINDER: Please do your homework-- review what has been taught and be ready to go! You can do it!!! Lots of cool pictures below--enjoy! 

Chorus watching dancers (with Ms.Crowley & Ms. Parisi)

Dancers during The Mourning

Experimenting with tea lights (thanks, Ms. Crowley:)

Look at Pride Rock (thanks, Ms. Horne!)


Ms. Earle & Madison Dempsey discussing Act 2 Blocking

Lauren Horne printed and posted new photos on bulletin board :)
Be sure to check them out!

Run throughs started this week and The Gloucester Daily Times took a few photos of today's rehearsal. This week, we ran Act 1 three times (once with each cast) and it is in good shape/everyone seems to really know what they are doing. Today, we also got through part of Act 2 (which we haven't done in a while) and it needs more work, but Hakuna Matata: it will get to where we need it to be after more rehearsal on it next week. Lencho cast will run the rest of Act 2 on Monday, followed by Kasar and then Haidar cast.  We ask everyone to review their lines, blocking, songs and choreography, so things will go as smoothly as possible. Let's give a shout out to Justin, Andrew, Julia and Nataly for their awesome work on Tech Crew this week (and to Lila Olson for her work on the curtain:)! In coming weeks, Lexi and Joaquina will join us and learn their Tech Crew roles, too. UPDATE: On Wednesday next week, Martin DelVecchio (Calvin's Dad) will be here to take head shot photos of everyone in the cast and crew. IMPORTANT: Let's make sure our rehearsals next week are really strong/that we leave the show in a great place because after that we're off from school/rehearsals for a week for Winter Break! When we come back after the break, we have 4 dress rehearsals and then it's show time (5th grade performance in Thursday, March 3). Wait til you guys see all the fabulous costumes--they are incredible!!! REMINDER: Please be gathering items for your base layer-- you will need them at all rehearsals after the break. Here are some photos from this week--enjoy! See you all on Monday!

A few shots taken by Lauren Horne during a rehearsal (below)

 And some photos from last week taken by Lauren Horne:

And some shots from Costume/Props and Mask Building Crew from Mrs. Stockman: 
Modeling fabric for Chorus (below)
 Logan, Tyler and Cara making masks (below)
 Morgan designing the wildebeest mask (below)
 Julia working on Zazu costume (below)
 Isabelle and Tyler working on masks (below)

Today's rehearsal was outstanding! We handed out a newsletter to students re: parents/guardians; ticket sales; show dates and call times for cast and crew; base layer costume items needed to be brought to 2/22 rehearsal; concession stand fundraiser info; and our remaining 4 dress rehearsals before we open! about Martin DelVecchio (Calvin's Dad) took headshot photos of everyone in the cast and tech crew (if you were absent, Lauren Horne will take your photo at our next rehearsal). All 3 casts got to rehearse Act 2, which is amazing considering we missed Monday's rehearsal due to snow! The show looks fantastic right now. We are all SO excited to see your fabulous costumes! It is going to take everything to a whole new level! PLEASE continue to memorize your lines, songs and dances over the break! Enjoy your week off-- you've earned it! Below are some more photos taken by the talented Lauren Horne--enjoy!

FEBRUARY 2/22 & 2/24 2016 UPDATE:
This week was such an important week! We aded in Costume/Props/Mask-Making Crew's fabulous work (led by Designer Linda Stockman, Assistant Designer Cara Stockman and Art Director Mary Sullivan)-- everything looks so amazing!!! Thanks to Justin, Julia & Andrew for their work on spotlight, and to Nataly & Joaquina for their work on sound cues and to Lila & Kate for their work on curtain! This week is our final week of dress rehearsals! Please know how proud everyone on the production team is to work with you all. We cannot wait for you guys to show all your talents and hard work to audiences! This show is going to be spectacular!!! See some of this week's great photos taken by our talented Ms. Lauren Horne~enjoy!

Photographs of all 3 casts in performance 
courtesy of Martin DelVecchio: